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If you would like to add a testimonial, please send to with the subject "testimonial"

“I’ve always gone to Howie – he is the best! He is very patient and very knowledgeable. I’ve had him do all of our marble tile in our kitchen and bathrooms and he has done some pretty amazing customized things too. The lion surround to the fireplace on our porch is proof of his original work and artistic style. He also did two of my homes with granite tile. Howie’s latest work for us was on our Homearama home.” - Marilyn Goettsch


“I am a repeat customer because Howie makes my customers happy. I’m a tile and marble contractor and we have had Mees Marble Restoration do contractor work for those who have needed their foyer/entrance floors refinished or have their countertops redone because they were damaged or scratched. Howard Mees always came through for us – he was always timely, tidy, and did excellent work. He is known for exceeding the expectations of those he does work for. I will be a repeat customer of his for as long as he would take the work.” - Ed Kuhl

“I have been using Howie Mees for over 10 years for all of my stone care needs. I have him out yearly to do preventative maintenance on our bathrooms. I trust his knowledge and expertise. Howie is dependable and always gets the job done in a timely fashion” - Carol Liggett

"I first had Howie come to my house because I had used the wrong sealer on the marble in my shower and it was a mess, the sealer had gummed up and completely dulled the surface. He came out, cleaned the marble, removed the sealer, polished the stone, sealed it and brought it back to life. The second time he came back to clean and seal the grout & tile in our kitchen. He made a 15 year old floor look like the day it was put down. He just does exceptional work." - S.G.

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